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Tell Me More Performance English Version 9 (hoc tieng anh)

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Tell Me More Performance English Version 9

Tell Me More Performance English Version 9 (hoc tieng anh) Warning
Tell Me More Performance English Version 9 (hoc tieng anh) 2-3

Tell Me More Performance English Version 9 | 3.08 GB

Tell Me More Performance is the most complete and
extensive English software available anywhere. Become fluent in English
through 10 distinct levels, and utilizing exclusive online services

A 24/7 online adviser to answer your questions
Comprehensive Tests to evaluate your level and progress
Weekly lessons based on a relevant news topic
New Role Play activity

Tell Me More Performance provides language learning that is
simple-to-use and increasingly effective, making learning a language
fun and engaging. It’s so effective, in fact, that more than 95% of
learners have progressed at least one level!*
*IDC Study – after 50 hours of learning


2,000 hours of English learning and 10 different levels

Tell Me More Performance is the most comprehensive method on the
market, allowing you to choose from 10 distinct levels of content, from
Complete Beginner to Expert.

10,000 exercises

Covers all the skills to learn English: speaking and listening, reading
and writing, grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Learn in an interactive
way with dialogues, speech recognition and other cutting edge

The most powerful speech recognition technology on the market
Tell Me More Performance includes the latest speech recognition
technology, giving you the most effective way of assessing your
pronunciation. You will improve your English conversational skills with
graphs and 3D animations, while interactive dialogues with the
computer make your English learning experience fun.

10 hours of video

Full immersion in the language and culture through cultural videos – or play the part of a character in the Role Play activity.

A 24/7 online adviser

Need help learning how to use the software? Have questions about how
the software works and want an answer right away? Our advisers are
ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will answer your
questions for free by chatting with you online.

Real News Broadcasts

Experience a new TELL ME MORE® lesson every week online, in partnership
with EuroNews®. In 30 minutes you will learn about a current news
topic with video, vocabulary and grammar exercises incorporated
directly into the broadcast.

Test your progress

At any time during the course, you can take a test to evaluate your progress.

Learn on the go with TELL ME MORE®

Continue your English learning wherever you go:
On your PocketPC (MPEG videos, audio files, cultural texts, etc.)
On your MP3 player (Including iPods and other MP3 devices)
On audio CDs
On printable vocabulary lists and grammatical explanations

How Installer !

1.) unpack the files
2.) burn or mount the image
3.) install
4.) enjoy

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